I'm Brandon, I solve problems with design, technology and human understanding.

My Strenghts

  • Applicable knowledge across many diverse technologies and practices (design, usability, architecture, mobile, data)
  • Helping the next generation embrace their creativity and to enhance it with technology and development.
  • Getting a lot done with little budget.
  • Distilling problems down to their rawest state - even if it's uncomfortable.
  • Taking rough ideas and turning them into something people can play with.
  • Breaking down complicated data and flows into visual design patterns casual people can understand.

My Labels

  • ENFP - I'm just slightly E over I.
  • ADHD - Yeah, I have a lot of energy. It took me 20 years to realize it's a super power if harnessed properly.
  • DAD - My daughter Maddy is a brand promoter. My son, Ethan, is finishing Highschool while producing / editing videos as his side hustle.
  • AUTHOR - Wrote Wordpress Top Plugins for Packt Publishing.

My passions

  • Nomie and helping people track and understand their lives
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Cutting my teeth on AI, pondering it's implications, and exploring new ground.
  • Exploring the meaning of life - like really, why does all of this exist?
  • Naming things
  • Exploring AI for creative and art production
  • Cryptocurrencies / Immutable chains
  • Watching my daughter Maddy grow her social business.
  • Printing silly things on my 3D printer.
  • Deep, honest, conversations.

Current Technologies

Industry Experience

  • Healthcare - Health Tech Startups, Big Pharma, Healthcare Recruiting.
  • Insurance - Design Direction, AI R&D projects, Mobile Apps
  • Radio - Platform Design, Product Direction
  • Printing - Variable Printing, On-Demand PDF generation, Product Direction
  • Ecommerce - eCommerce Design & Usability, Fulfillment, Marketing
  • Recruitment - Marketing, App Design/Development, Product Direction
About Brandon
Oh hello there! I see you'd like to get to know me a little better. You've come to the right place - if you need anything you can always email me at [email protected]