Stupid Assistant

A few weeks back I once again, got into an argument with Alexa. She refused to turn off a timer, and I ended up screaming... Sometimes her stupidity is absolutely stunning.

That got me thinking, why am I letting Amazon invade my privacy for something that's so stupid... Surely, I could build something to handle my handful of commands, I thought. So I set out to do just that, build a proof of concept for my own private personal assistant.

Grab the code here

Day 1 - Damn it Alexa! ... maybe I can build one?

Day 2 - It's working!

Day 3 - That was a bust.

Day 4 or 5 - Well shit.

Day 6 - Going back to the basics

Day 7 - War Cry

Day 10ish - The End.

Resources discovered during the process