In 2010 I started experimenting with different methods for keeping track of my tasks. Being a "creative", I found myself at odds with the rigidity of most task management tools, and discovered that simply jotting down my tasks on paper offered the simplicity, availability, and flexibly I needed to "keep with it".

Opening up Illustrator, I started working on a foldable design (github for pdf) that could hold a weeks worth of tasks... (see an old post about it)

Corbinizer Photo

I managed to use a new Corbinizer (almost) every week until 2017. Then, as usual, something flipped in my brain and I wanted something different. I got tired of needing to always remember where the Corbinizer was, or if my pen wasn't leaking in my back pocket. This is stupid, I thought, it's the 21st century why can't I do this with my technology...

Inner voice: Uh, stupid - a single Apple note could do it.

Outer voice: Oh yeah. Launches - creates Corbinizer 2018.

For me, the most important part of any task management solution is accessibility, It has to be available all the time. The moment you realize you forgot something, it needs to be there. Or when that burst of inspiration hits, you have to be able to capture it immediately.

Now that Apple syncing everything across the cloud - a Notes solution is completely feasible.

Each Sunday evening I sit down and structure out the week.

I fill out the days Monday - Friday (with dates), and put my top level goals for the week at the top.

I start filling in what I already know has to happen this week, and move over anything that didn't get done the previous week. Then... I forget it until Monday morning, and start watching something on Netflix.

As things start to change (usually 8:03a Monday) I crack open my Corbinizer note and adjust accordingly.

I've been doing this since May of 2018 - it's actually pretty cool to be able to scroll through everything I did for the year.

The paper based Corbinizer will remain available until Github closes.