IndyXL - Indiana podcast aggregator

Daily Special - promotional platform for restaurants

Fervor - sexy mobile games for couples (still being worked on)

Nomie - the private way to track and analyze any of your behaviors.

TrackTeam - behavior and mood tracking for teams

Viki - virtual sales assistant / bot

Propps - Employee Recognition Platform

Podable - An app to manage and produce my podcasts website and rss feed

8iFY Podcast - A podcast where I interviewed entrepreneurs

UX Jobs - User Experience Job Board

Corbinizer - a paper based todo strategy

PicFollow - Instagram before instagram with share-able photo albums

Pickylist - local social platform

Recruital - a landing page platform for recruiting

PirateIndex - the top pirated content online - super simple and shareable lists

RecruitCard - personalized recruiting with direct mail

Yummy - PDF Bookmarking and Search engine

PrintFu - PDF Book Printing

HireEngine - a Career Site platform

Hurricane - Job Seeker platform for managing all the jobs you've applied for

MailPranks - web and email based prank website

Vote4 - a "hot-or-not" for anything