I've been sitting on this idea since 2015 when I registered the domain and grabbed the twitter handle (@indyxl). It's simple really - bring together all of the podcasts in Indianapolis into a single place.

IndyXL: Indianapolis' Podcasts

IndyXL 2019 version 1 screenshot

Why I built it

"Killing as many birds with a single stone" is my life mantra, I was needing to learn graphql, as well as test the limits of GatsbyJS - a new way to build static websites.

After building a fairly simple site with Gatsby, I now needed something else to push it's limits. How about that Podcast Idea? ... Bingo.

Over the last couple of weekends, I've been pulling together all of the Indiana and Indianapolis based Podcasts Feeds. The full site is built in less than 2 minutes - including 31 podcasts and 1400 episodes pages.

The Tech

  • GatsbyJS for building the static sites
  • ReactJS for the javascript framework
  • Node for bringing together the feeds cleaning them up and image processing
  • AWS S3 for website hosting
  • CloudFlare for DNS
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Indianapolis based podcasts