I love creating brand names.

Ever since I won the "Carmel Day Care - Name the Bus Contest" at age 7, I was hooked. I had to name ALL THE THINGS.

Over the hears, I've created untold personal project names and at least 20 product/services names for corporations and enterprises. During this time, I formulated my own process for creating new words and searching for their validitity.

Fast forward to mid-2017, I'm taking a break from Nomie development, and decide to automate my branding process as much as possible.

This is the result.


Namebot Dashboard

Inbound Engagement

Finding people needing names

Name Runner

NameBot's Name Runner interface


NameBot's word manipulation actions

Generating from Tensorflow Models

Tensorflow Models for generating brand names

Names generated

Namebot's AI generated names

NameBot icon
AI based brand generation platform
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Mon Nov 13th 2017