What do you do when you can't find an app that will let you track anything in life? Build it.

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In 2015 I was struggling with many aspects of my life. I decided it was time to start tracking my moods and activities again. However, after trying all of the available apps for life tracking I couldn't find anything that met my requirements. Apparently, I need to builded to build it - so I did.

It's all about the button

In my vision of life tracking, I wanted to simply tap a button and move on with my day.

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3 Month MVP

3 months later I released an MVP of Nomie (called Mento at the time) - that stored everyones data in Firebase, a cloud database now owned by Google. The problem was people track INSANELY private things with Nomie. So much in fact that I started freaking out knowing NO ONE should have this data but the user. I completely shutdown the MVP, and rebuilt it for offline only, this was the birth of Nomie.

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4 Years Later

Since launching Nomie I've learned an incredible amount of Mobile development, human behavior, and most importantly - how not to build my next app. That seems harsh, but because Nomie is so focused on being private and offline, the real business model of ads / data monitoring is not an option.

However Nomie (as of late 2018) has been installed over 100,000 times, supports an active subreddit, and is generating revenue from API access and in-app purchases (all while still keeping Nomie 100% private and offline).

What have I learned?

Since using Nomie to track over 60 points in my life, I have a much better understanding of my triggers, and am able to predict mood changes based on current situations. This has allowed me to setup hacks and workarounds in order to better optimize my life.

  1. Alcohol jacks my sleep.
  2. My average mood goes up and down with the tempature.
  3. I don't drinking enough water.
  4. Eating gluten for extended periods of time causes my left side to swell and become painful
  5. My productivity is tracks inline with energy levels, which are inline with my sleep quality.
  6. I'm usually in a bad mood on Thursday
  7. My sex drive is highest Sunday at 12am

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Tue Nov 13th 2018