Viki makes it easy to build targeted lead lists.

Provide her the right criteria and Viki will scour the web for the right types of companies. Once found, Viki deep dives into each company looking for specific contact information.

Viki by Brandon

Wait, you want how many new leads each month?

Once I took over Marketing at Fifth Gear/Speed Commerce, the responsibility of lead generation fell on my plate. My predecessor spent the majority of their time curating lists of potential ecommerce clients - every month. Personally, that felt like a waste of time considering the process of finding the customers was pretty well documented.

We should automate this

After doing this routine, exactly one time, I decided to invest any free time on automating the process - this was when Viki was born. Using Node, Google, Bing and Linkedin Scraping, Viki can quickly locate websites, and filter them based on technologies used, popularity, size, etc. Viki also provided an interface to quickly find specific roles at the companies she found.

Once completed, Viki and a sales person working together could generate a list of 100 targeted leads in less than an hour.

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Tue Dec 30th 2014